Writing Down My Dreams


Vision Board detail.

Since she was a little girl, my friend always had big dreams. They weren’t the same as her mother’s dreams of Hollywood stardom for her, but without a doubt she imagined/knew how successful she would be. But it wasn’t until graduate school that she received advice to put her dreams on paper for them to actually manifest. Basically if you’re too busy, lazy, or indifferent to write your dreams down then why would they happen.

Like many folks I’ve dabbled in the positive thinking taught by The Secret, life coaches, therapists, gurus, you name it, but I’ve only recently taken the advice of writing down my dreams to heart.


Notes of my goals and dreams. In the process of being refreshed.

Here are three ways I’ve gone about capturing my dreams on paper.

Tony Robbins. Stream of consciousness. What do you want personally? What do you really want?! Take 5 minutes to write down everything you can think of. Write quickly. Use shorthand. Be as specific as possible. Do you want to go on a cruise to Tahiti with your five best friends? Do you want to spend ten hours a week making art? Do you want to financially support your loved ones? Do you want to be on reality tv? Do you want your dream beach house? My first list probably contained 50 things. Look at your list and pick the top three you must achieve this year. Most importantly, write down why you want it. It’s in the why that you’ll discover what you really want. And it’s having reasons why your dreams must manifest that will make them a conviction.

Here’s one of my quickly jotted dreams. “Everyday studio practice. Because I want and need personal solitude everyday to grow and develop a voice to share with the world. Because the process and challenge of an everyday studio practice brings me joy and perspective in all other parts of my life.”

You can do the same process for other goals too–financial, relationship, material, creative. I also enjoy doing this with a small group of friends. It’s a great way to learn what dreams you have in common with your loved ones. Look at your goals frequently to maintain your focus on accomplishing them and confirm that you still want them. I happen to be in the process of reworking mine right now.

Napoleon Hill. Write down what you want by when and what you’ll give the world in exchange for it. Date it and pin it to your wall–better yet, several walls! Mine are posted on my bathroom and bedroom mirrors, so I read what my life will be in 2015 nearly every time I enter my room and bathroom (which adds up to a lot!).


My current vision board in Rome.

Vision Board. I used to laugh at the girls who cut out pretty magazine pictures and paste them to their walls. Now I wonder whether they’ve already reached their dreams. Vision boards are another great way to see your dreams in front of you every day. This work in progress is across from my bed. You can even get creative with it. Make it 3-D or with your partner to create a shared dream. I particularly like finding feature interviews of somebody in my field and replacing their portrait with mine. I also enjoy juxtaposing images of my longer and shorter-term goals like my sailboat next to a new recipe of Red Velvet Cake that I’d like to try.


Vision Board detail.

The Red Velvet Cake was finally baked and demolished 🙂 last week, and I was recently invited on a sailing trip! Hell yeah! What are your dreams? Which of your dreams have come true? How did you envision them before they happened?

by Stephanie Lindquist

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2 thoughts on “Writing Down My Dreams

  1. alexshye says:

    Great post with lots of vision board stuff! I’ve been working on building an online vision board site that you might like called Project Awesome. It is for people to define their visions, share them, and support one another.

    Check it out! This site is at: http://www.goprojectawesome.com

    I would love to hear from you if you have any comments or thoughts on it!

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