Touring The Art Institute of Chicago in Pictures

Last week MD did an art walk at The Art Institute of Chicago on Instagram. Check out some of the highlights!

Loving this combo. 

A picture of a picture idea. You can imagine the rest. Pictures #6 by Alejandro Cesarco. 

Lesley Dill was inspired by Emily Dickinson in the prints of The Word Made Flesh… Front; Back; Throat. This is a detail with filter.


Whoa. That is intense! If you got the letter, would you participate? 


Pgs 52-53 of FSA photography book 12 MILLION BLACK VOICES by Edwin Rosskam and novelist/activist Richard Wright (text). Left photograph by Dorothea Lange. Right photograph by Ben Shahn. Filter applied.


Cabin in the Cotton by self-taught painter Horace Pippin. 

Collage + woodblock printing + color = yes, please! Detail of Landscapes by Yoshida Hodaka. 


Detail by artist & New Yorker illustrator Saul Steinberg’s furnishing, titled Horses.


Hills of Byram by Daniel Garber. Loving the soft hues & thick brush strokes. The sky, not captured here, is a marvel.


Ram by John B. Flannagan, created without the help of models or assistants. And a bit of Chicago in the background.


Left: I love the terms “creative departures” & “extracurricular projects.” 


How many pieces of gum could you study in a lifetime? There are 3 walls of these detailed pieces by Irving Penn, showing how much we overlook everyday. 

We had a FAB time at Art Institute Chicago. If you liked what you saw here: go visit!

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