Embracing Your Creative Kryptonites & Meet the MD Team.

The Team

We’ve spent a lot of time on this blog discussing creative strengths: people who swept together the best parts of themselves to make interesting things.

But, when it comes down to it, creative weaknesses are just as important. Not only does knowing and accepting your creative sore points show you where you can improve, but it also gives you a space where it is okay to be bad (like, really terrible) at something. Your weaknesses can provide you with a creative space to relax and play without worrying about the final results.

We’ve decided to pull back the veil on MasterDabblers by sharing the greatest weaknesses of the women behind the curtain.

Glendalys Medina
Writing is not my thing… specifically writing under pressure. I freeze up like a deer in headlights. But I’m fine now, because I’m not aiming to be entertaining. I don’t spel check my emails, and by the way when is grammer check going to be invented for Gmail? Seriously Google get on it! I get sidetrack when writing a story, my mind starts off with tangents on a search for a conclusion. I was told in college that I write like a writer and I gave it some serious thought at the time. Just to give you a sense of my writing style my favorite punctuation is ‘…’ which is not really a punctuation but a visual cue for an incomplete thought. The ‘…’ saved my potential readers from a pointless suspension and I declared Visual Art as my major creative outlet.

Stephanie Lindquist
I am mediocre at so many things, which I either run from or secretly do in private so as not to embarrass myself: math, playing music (no one ever appreciates my Djing), karaoke (No, I’m not going to karaoke with you!). But I’m really terrible at acting. Improv is my worst nightmare. The few times I’ve been pressured into an acting class I always feel like crying during and after. I feel nervous, vulnerable, emotional + Everybody’s watching = Pain.

Courteney Ervin
Thank God I work with artists because I couldn’t draw myself out of a paper bag. It has been and will be stick figures my entire life, and even then I can’t get their hair right.  I love playing at it with crayons and pencils because I don’t feel a need to be good at it. But shading? Still lifes? Figure drawing? Uh, ye- NO. I can’t tell you how happy I am to leave the visual elements to my oh-so-artistic partners.

What are your creative weaknesses? How do you turn them into strengths?

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2 thoughts on “Embracing Your Creative Kryptonites & Meet the MD Team.

  1. Cynthia. t Moctezuma says:

    its my first time reading any of this but it hit me to the bone, because things happens thru life an you learn and sometimes you don’t get to tell about them cause your shy. But this Master Dabblers, wow you get to be yourself once again. In the world of art.

    Thanks. Bless Me

  2. Hey Cynthia, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! We look forward to sharing more with you about pushing through your creative kryptonite. Welcome to MD!

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