Ready, Set, Open! The Joyous Hubbub of Open Studios


That’s me talking to two gentlemen about the Legit Kit with screenwriter Krista Suh.

Dear Artists, 

Today MD shares photos from open studios of the fellows at the American Academy in Rome as well as graduate students of the Yale School of Architecture. Have you recently opened your studio? What do you love most about opening your studio? What do you fear most? Are you planning on opening your studio for the first time soon? Here are some tips: 

  1. Hang early. Last minute details can stress anyone out the day before opening, but a week before is a breeze.
  2. Know why you are opening your doors. Have an intention, even if it’s as simple as ‘I am here to share my work.’
  3. Be ready to talk. Have at least a sentence or two that informs your visitors about your work.
  4. Cool and sharp. Wear something that is both comfortable and makes you beam with confidence. 
  5. Have snacks. It puts everyone at ease, but keep the bar far from the work. 
  6. Know how much. Have an image based check list. 
  7. Have backup. Ask your friends to come. Three people talking about your work is better than one, and gives you a break when needed.
  8. Smile. Today is your day!

Let us know about your experience. Share photos and we will share them with the MD community on Tumblr and Instagram. 

Stay open, 

Stephanie & the MD team


Before the crowds arrive all is quiet. Just getting the bar and snacks ready, and in the case of AAR fellow artist Polly Apfelbaum getting her beads and string ready to distribute handmade necklaces to visitors. Giving to your audience is fun and a great way to start a conversation about what exactly you do in your studio and why. Learn more about rules and serious play in Polly’s practice. 

Studio of sculptor Carl D'Alvia and painter Jackie Saccoccio at AAR. Learn more about this creative family.

A place for everything! Check out the studio of AAR fellow sculptor Carl D’Alvia and his wife painter Jackie Saccoccio. Plenty of pedestals and a salon style hanging of paintings leaves enough room to see everything clearly and chat up a storm about their technique and vision. See more detailed images of their work and learn more about this creative family.

Studio of landscape architect Ross Altheimer at  the American Academy in Rome. Learn more about how he experiments with memory, video, drawing and recording in his practice.

AAR fellow landscape architect Ross Altheimer uses every inch ceiling to floor to show visitors his process. Everybody loves to know how an artist thinks. Learn more about how he integrates memory, drawing and recording into his work.

Studio of our very own Glendalys Medina and Stephanie Lindquist at AAR. Read more about Glendalys's top tips to being a superhero artist.

It’s all related. Check out the recent work in the studio of our very own AAR fellow Glendalys Medina. Open studios is also a great opportunity to see all your recent work together and connect the dots between different works conceptually and aesthetically. Take a tip from Glendalys and learn how to become your own superhero artist.

This last week graduate students from the Yale School of Architecture opened their communal studio to show their sketches of Rome from their one-week workshop. Thanks to Michael McGrattan, Mansi Maheshwari, Swarnabh Ghosh, Eleanor Measham, and Yoojin Han for sharing photos. Check them out! They’re mighty beautiful. And if you like what you see, there are more here.

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#MansiMaheshwari #yale #architecture #pyramid #scaffolding #drawing #rome #art

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#SwarnabhGhosh #yale #architecture #drawing #dome #travel

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All photos at the Academy courtesy of Fotografia Altrospazio Roma.

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