Artist Profile: Sebastian Boesmi

Senor Universo. Acrilic and markers on canvas. 1.87 x 1.92 cm

Senor Universo. Acrylic and markers on canvas. 1.87 x 1.92 cm

Sebastian Boesmi was born in Salta, Argentina in 1980. He attended workshops of painting at The Art Student League of New York, United States.UU. and Cite international des Arts in Paris, France, wood cut  in the Centre of Brazilian studies, Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the National University of Asunción, Paraguay. Lives and works in Barcelona. MD met up with Sebastian in Berlin while he recently finished a residency at MARMA Projects. 

Tell us about your process of making work? Do you have any rituals?

My first ritual is have good energy while working. I try to find and be close to people who give me this and of course be happy in the space I am working in. Music is very important too.

Tell us what are the 3 major ideas behind your work?

1) The main idea is the relationship between micro and macro.
2) Massive drawings becoming a constellation or map of my imagination like a composition of a micro cellular world; cells, bacteria, invisible stuff.
3) Spontaneity: my work is very spontaneous and there is no time for doubt when I am drawing. Ideas come to me and I put it in the canvas making relationships between one shape and another. One of my first intentions is to make people think about what they see and create some kind of story or literature about this.

Area 3. 100 x 100 cm acrylic on canvas 2012

How did these ideas come up in your residency in Marma Project Berlin?

In Berlin I finished one of my biggest pieces called ‘I am lost’, a polyptych of 1.60 x 6.30 cm. It is a massive drawing, all “imaginary gratifies”. I started this piece in Barcelona drawing what I saw there and finished it in Berlin with the influence of this city. In this piece you can see two different worlds and two different texts.
I think I became more subtle in Berlin and this is an interesting thing because of the expressionist tradition of the country.

I am lost. 60 x 60 cm, ink on canvas

What did you learn about yourself and Berlin?

I have learned more about things or ways I don’t have to do or follow.  About Berlin, I realize there is place for an artist. They have an interesting structure, for example five galleries on the same street have openings of different artists on the same day and in the street there is a sea of people interested in art and interested in meeting people. It’s amazing because the structure is a circuit, the circuit becomes community, and community becomes development.

What is your next step?
To keep dreaming.

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