Dead Rats and Your Creative Soul

For YOU!

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This guest blog post is by Krista Suh, a dedicated screenwriter and MD artist who uses comedy to dissect the nuances of Being an Artist. If you like how her mind words, check out her interview with us and her MD project on becoming a authorized artist, the Legit Kit.

I’ve never owned a cat, but I know from cat owners that this is true: cats will bring you dead stuff. Sometimes they will put a dead mouse on the doorstep, sometimes they will lovingly leave a cockroach on your arm. In bed.

This is how they show off:

“Yes I am a housecat, but I still retain these lightning fast hunting skills!”

It’s also how they show you that they love you:

“I thought you <purr> could use some fresh rat in your diet, my sweet human pet.”

But really, they do it to show off.

And how do you react? Disgust. You certainly don’t eat the darn carcass. It’s useless to you.

If you understand the cat’s intention, you thank them, and gingerly pet them on their smug faces.

But really? You didn’t need that dead rat in your life. And also? You already love your cats, to bits! This dead rat thing doesn’t really help.

So how does this weird cat trait apply to you?

You know that trophy you want to bring home? That impressive corner office you want to tell your parents you got? Or maybe it’s a contest you’re entering, or a residency that your friend got into and now you want it on your resume too.

Before you present your rat, be sure to measure it. Photo Credit: Paul Jordon/perlmonger (

Before you present your rat, be sure to measure it.
Photo Credit: Paul Jordon/perlmonger (

Whatever it is, ask yourself, is this something I want to do, something I REALLY want for myself? Is this something that fits my dream of who I am and how I want to serve the world? Or is this a dead rat I want to bring home to mom and dad so they will coo at me and remember how useful I am? Is this my weird way of showing the world that “I’ve still got it”? Is this my misguided attempt to get people to love me?

The more you focus on what really makes you happy and the less you bother with dead rats to impress others, the more vibrant and free your creative soul will be.

Krista is currently working on a feature-length comedy and a chick lit novel. She’s currently stalking the Sundance Screenwriters Lab, in hopes of leaving her prey on a doorstep near you.

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