Do you hide in the corner when you see people? Tips for Shy Creatives

Fred Murray and Joy Youlden

Fred Murray and Joy Youlden

In order to gather support for your work and push your career forward you have to share your work and passion… with people. This goes for all my naturally shy creatives too! This week MD contributor, screenwriter and naturally introverted Krista Suh shares her 3 tips on how she created genuine connections with people in the biz, and how you can too.

Whether it’s with clients, peers, or mentors, it’s important for artists to have good connections. And not just a Facebook friend confirmation, but a real genuine person-to-person connection, where you see into them and they see into you.

“But I’m not good at that,” you might say. I wasn’t good at it either. But I practiced, I got better, and I swear, it’s easy now. If this once-mousy introvert can do it, so can you. These are my 3 most important tips on connecting with people.


Zora Neale Hurston smiling.

1. Be Happy – Smile!

Everyone loves to be around happy people.

Be as genuine as you can, though a little “fake it till you make it” is totally acceptable. If you’re not the type to be Pollyanna-cheerful, that’s OK! Do your best, and if you can’t be cheerful, at the very very least, be kind.

Photographer Mattis Mathiesen focused and working.

Photographer Mattis Mathiesen focused and working.

2. Make sure you are always doing things you are passionate about – whether as a career or a hobby or both.

This has an attractive energy all of its own.

The more you can streamline your life to only things you are passionate about, the more powerful your energy will be.

The more you love what you do, the more you will love yourself. The more you love yourself, the more confident you will be around others. Notice how I use the word “more” 50 times in this paragraph? It’s because 1 small action toward making your life more about what you love reaps more and more BIG benefits all around.

Vulnerable and strong!

Vulnerable and strong!

3. Be vulnerable.

I think the mistake people most often make is that they assume “in order for so-and-so to like me, I need to appear as perfect as possible.”

Wrong! Being your awesome self AND having the courage to show your vulnerability makes you human and honest and oh-so attractive.

So Positive Attitude + Passionate Work + Honest Vulnerability = Connection!

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