Easiest Way to Show Us Your Love, CentUp MD

Thank you kalyan02. Love is in the air!

by Stephanie Lindquist

The last time you visited our Tumblr page you may have been wondering about that new button at the bottom of each post that says “CentUp.” In the endless universe of social media apps, MD has been lucky to stumble upon the best app to measure the success of our articles by letting you our readers show your love for MD by giving us a few cents.


If you like what you read on MD, click “CentUp” and send us a dime, quarter, dollar or penny to say thank you.

It’s quick and most importantly secure to sign up, and CentUp allows you to show your appreciation to many of your favorite blogs and organizations.

To learn more about CentUp and what they can offer you as a reader or avid blogger go to www.CentUp.org. We hope you enjoy the service as much as we do.

And in case you haven’t read our latest post about overcoming rainy days for creatives yet, here it is. Show your love and give MD some cents if you enjoy it.


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