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How Silence Will Improve Your Creative Practice: Interview with Jessica Kung Dreyfus and Stéphane Dreyfus

Jessica Kung Dreyfus, Machine of the Body, 2010, Ink on paper, 5’ x 5’. Courtesy of the artist. A cosmic diagram depicting both the personal and the universal as tiny figures perform exercises specific to the particular region of the body/universe in which they reside.

“In the incessant hum of contemporary life, silence supports the emergence of the voice of the artist.”-Jessica Kung Dreyfus

This week MD asks artist Jessica Kung Dreyfus and yoga and meditation instructor Stéphane Dreyfus about silent retreats and how it deepens the creative process. Primarily through the medium of drawing, Jessica explores how the Eastern tradition of the energetic body informs our experience of body, building, and urban environments. Through her work, she brings together her training in western art and architecture and eastern philosophy and methodology. Stéphane is a writer, yogi, meditator, sanskrit enthusiast, and teacher. He has recently emerged from a year and a half long silent retreat with his partner, Jessica. Before the long retreat, Stéphane worked in television as an assistant editor. Big thank you to Stéphane and Jessica for sharing all their knowledge with us before beginning their two-week “maintenance” retreat!

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